According to authorities, a Houston hobbyist decided to take his love of remote control toy cars to one of the city’s busiest freeways earlier this week:

Driver Alex Villa recorded the stunt and posted it on his Facebook page, featured below.

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?Just on (US Highway) 59,? Villa can be heard saying as he narrates the video, ?and somebody thought that they could bring their remote control car, literally, on the freeway! Dude, this is 59 South! Look at this guy!?

When the toy car travels down a freeway offramp, Villa comments, ?He just exited. That’s his exit, apparently.?

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The video does not show the exit the toy car took, and police are not sharing a statement on the whereabouts of the car or the driver.

Sightings of a stuffed cowboy at the wheel with a Space Ranger in the passenger seat remain unconfirmed, as well.

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