Drivers who fired fourteen rounds of gunfire in a west Houston neighborhood put it on Snapchat

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A mysterious Snapchat video surfaced showing at least two people shooting guns out of moving car in west Houston.

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The location, where at least 14 gunshots were fired by a man and a woman, was tracked to the Highway 6 corridor, behind at least one worried resident’s home.

“It’s a little bit scary. You don’t know where the shots are going,” Bill Kraft said.

Kraft originally thought the sounds were a car backfiring, but upon further review, a TV news crew investigated and found bullet holes in at least one nearby road sign.

Houston Police are now actively investigating the incident.

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An expert in social media maintains the video is #forreal.

“First impression is real video; it is very difficult to fake things through Snapchat. Your location on the app is tied to your location in real life. There’s not a way to fake that,” said Kristy Gillentine, vice president of public engagement for Drive West Communications and a social media specialist.

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