Houston traffic is balling in this week’s edition of Draped Up Drivers AP Photo/Pat Sullivan
AP Photo/Pat Sullivan

Houston traffic is alive.

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But this week?s Draped Up Driver award is going to a group of hooligans slowly killing us all:

@chavotheplug?s language aside, I mean, rules are rules: someone calls you out, you gotta ball. And Momma always said to keep a portable basketball hoop in your car.

But ? bruhs. Take that ish to your house.

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Check out a few of the runner-ups from this week contributing to Houston?s dysfunctional relationship with traffic, and be sure to check back here every week to get to know more terrible Draped Up Drivers!

Photo uploaded to imagr by ChemistryAndPhysicsAreFun
Photo uploaded to imgur by ChemistryAndPhysicsAreFun

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