A local pup is reportedly inspiring dog lovers around Houston with his heroic recovery after being shot in the face.

Elvis, a 1-year-old shepherd, first came to the attention of the Houston SPCA as a possible victim of an attack by a fellow dog.

After a closer examination, however, veterinarian’s uncovered the truth.

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His injuries appeared to not be caused by another dog, rather, they occurred by the hands of a human.

The vets say someone shot Elvis in the face with a shotgun, and the dog also reportedly arrived emaciated and flea-ridden.

X-rays showed buckshot littered his body, but they said, like his singing predecessor, Elvis is extraordinary lucky.

The SPCA team went to work on the persevered pup, giving him painkillers and antibiotics so they could clean and repair his extensive facial wounds.

As he healed, Elvis began to regain the normal excitement you expect from a young dog:

In a recent Facebook post, the Houston SPCA provided an update on his condition, which is improving.

Although his docs say Elvis is facing a long road before he’s ready for his fur-ever family, the group says whomever he ends up with be blessed:

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“He has some more healing to do,” the SPCA wrote in a post, “but he’ll make a phenomenal pet for whoever is lucky enough to adopt him when he’s ready.”

You can help Elvis and pups like him by donating to the Houston SPCA.


We’d be so blue without you, Elvis! Keep up the good fight!

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