Enjoy local art in a garden of beer and wine coming to Houston’s First Ward

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Residents of Houston’s First Ward are gaining a new neighborhood drinkery.

Spring Street Beer and Wine Garden is quietly opening at 1920 Houston Avenue. Owned by a collective of local residents, the establishment hopes to fill a gap in the neighborhood’s drink options.

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“It’s a great neighborhood and we believe that this was a good opportunity to fix the property up,” one of the owners told the Houston Chronicle. “We definitely want this to be an extension of our neighbors’ homes.”

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The new hotspot will offer 14 taps, 25 different wines, 10 different bottled or canned beers and a cocktail menu so patrons have every reason to pull up a chair, sip and relax.

In addition to drinks, the bar will offer a menu of Mediterranean-inspired small plates and access to local food trucks.

The owners held a successful soft-opening for the neighborhood over the Oct. 14-15 weekend, with a grand opening expected in two weeks.

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Since the First Ward is known for its artsy bent, the owners chose to feature local art, including artist Tra Slaughter’s hand-drawn mural on the side of the building.

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The owners, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased the property located near the Heights Hike and Bike Trail a year ago.

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“Since we are located directly next to the Heights Hike and Bike Trail, we want to focus on all the runners, cyclists and outdoorsy folks that get to enjoy Houston’s great trail system,” one of the owners told the Houston Chronicle.

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