Even though he had his badge, Conroe’s Police Chief was asked to leave a doctor’s office because of a loaded portion of his uniform Rare Media Library.
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As an officer of the law, Conroe Police Department Chief Philip Dupuis keeps his side holster attached to his belt – always ready to serve and protect.

So, you can imagine his surprised when a local medical facility refused to treat him because of his holstered gun.

When confronted about his side arm, Dupuis indicated he was wearing his badge and identified himself as Chief. However, the office manager of Texas ENT told him he would need to leave.

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In an interview with KHOU, he recounted the interaction:

“She said, ‘Sir, I need you to take your gun out to your car.’ I said, ‘Excuse me?’ She said, ‘Sir, I need you to take your gun out to your car. It’s our policy.’”

Notices posted outside the facility state both concealed and open carry weapons are prohibited, but, despite the notices, law enforcement officers are still allowed to carry their firearms in businesses where they are prohibited, and it’s uncommon for a business to declare otherwise.

Further during the interview, Chief Dupuis, a 35-year veteran of the force, said he always carries his firearm with him into businesses, without being questioned before.

After being embarrassed by the facility, Dupuis said he will be taking his business elsewhere in the future.

A spokesman for Texas ENT told KHOU its employee made a huge mistake when telling Dupuis he would need to leave if he kept his firearm.

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In a statement, Texas ENT apologized for the incident:

“We regret the situation yesterday involving Chief Dupuis and a member of our staff. We have personally apologized to Chief Dupuis for any inconvenience or embarrassment he experienced. Our team is working diligently to insure that a situation like this does not occur again. Our company values law enforcement officers and first responders for their selfless service and will serve them and our communities with the utmost respect.”


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