The Houston man reportedly served as an Army medic, but, in his 22 years, he said he never experienced “anything like this before:”

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Arthella Perkins, 46, said his female Uber passenger assaulted him in an overnight incident, which authorities say is calling into question the suspect’s motives.

Perkins said he picked up the woman near Hillcroft Avenue and Westheimer Road when the trip got weird — and then violent.

“As soon as she got in, she started giving me strange directions,” he said in an interview with Eyewitness News.

The driver said his passenger became agitated at his Christian music, as well as when he addressed her as “ma’am.”

When the passenger could not adequately give a drop-0ff address, things turned physical, as she allegedly began hitting him on the head with her bag.

Worried she might have a weapon, Perkins said he called 911; the woman tried to take his phone and continued to hit him, but reports show police found him at the vehicle.

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Now, the suspect is due in court today to fend off assault and “interfering with a 911 call” charges.

This is a developing story.

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