Tropical disturbance Harvey may be bringing some rough weather through the Gulf Coast area in the coming days.

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Downgraded from a tropical storm on Sunday, Harvey is still expected to wash over the coast in a wave of rainy weather, a portion of which is on track to hit parts of Florida Tuesday, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

As of this morning, the chances of Harvey ramping back up into a full-fledged tropical storm are listed as 70 percent in the next two days and 90 percent in the next five.

As the wave hits land, the Gulf Coast of Texas is in one of the areas of heaviest projected rainfall areas.

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According to the website, which monitors tropical storms, disturbances and other events, the radius of Harvey is around 120 nautical miles, and the radius of maximum wind is 90 nautical miles.

Of course, even if you’re out of the direct path of a storm, you can still be dangerously affected.

Areas outside the direct path of Harvey may experience heavy rainfall and flooding, as well.

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Like the last bout of heavy rain, parts of Houston regularly flood during heavy rainfall, so be prepared.

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