Fake Joel Osteen is back proving even preposterous preachers need a day off

Screen shot of YouTube.com/Michael Klimkowski's video

After the Astros beat the Dodgers in the World Series, many thought Houston’s beef with Los Angeles would become officially minced.

However, an unlikely rivalry is making the rounds online, but this one is a little more relaxing to watch than Game 7 (and the other six):

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Los Angeles-based comedian Michael Klimkowski said he is always told he looks like Houston’s most famous televangelist, prompting him six years ago to see if he could really fool people.

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As a Joel Osteen impersonator, Klimkowski said he mastered the mannerisms and sweet, but authoritative voice of the iconic televangelist.

An actor and stand-up comic, Klimkowski’s six Joel Osteen videos are currently shared on his YouTube page, accumulating a few thousand views before this week, when a video posted by Klimkowski’s friend went viral.

On November 6, Reggie Henke posted a clip of Klimkowski crashing an Osteen event to see if he could fool fans and staff as he gave out free blessings.

As you can see for yourself, it worked.

Now, fans of the video are delving into Klimkowski’s other Osteen shorts, including ones imagining what a day off might look like for the preacher.

Klimkowski also mocks Osteen’s Hurricane Harvey scandal, portraying the pastor in a secret call with his assistant.

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“I’m trying to unwind, okay! And then I’ll open my doors,” he can be seen shouting into a headset.

As displaced residents requested shelter after Harvey, Osteen came under fire for not opening his mega church. At one point, he claimed the fooding prevented him from offering the facility as a shelter, prompting people to post photos of the church to prove – or at least argue – it wasn’t.

Klimkowski plays on the scandal, saying, “Get a gardenin’ hose and go down there and water it. Flood the (expletive), Donna!”

Watch Klimkowski’s impression for yourself right now.


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