A Splendora father is beginning to accept what might be the inevitable: His 19-year-old daughter may never come home.

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Donna Kay Cloud has been missing from the northeast Houston suburb since October 25, 2016, after various reports indicate she went on a date.

Cloud told her father, Darrel Beaty, that she was going to meet a man in Kingwood, he told a local newspaper. However, law enforcement has not been able to corroborate that.

“I am starting to believe she is not out there, that she is not okay,” Beaty told the Houston Chronicle. “Part of me just wants to find her, just to get closure. I know it’s only been seven months, but it’s tearing my life apart.”

Beaty says he has written to both Texas senators as well as Gov. Greg Abbott to ask if they would set up a missing person task force to investigate the disappearance.

The 5-foot 1-inch Cloud, who has discernible, deep dimples in both cheeks and a tattoo reading “Faith” on her right forearm, reportedly had a difficult relationship with Beaty and was raised by a grandmother. Despite their strained ties, Beaty claims Cloud would never leave on her own volition.

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“She wouldn’t just disappear. Donna was free to come and go from my home. She is not a runaway,” he said.

Father of missing Splendora woman: “I’m starting to believe that she is not out there” (AP Photo/David Goldman)
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