“It could have happened to anybody.”

That’s how the father of a woman who was brutally assaulted inside Memorial City Mall early Sunday sums up the attack that broke his daughter’s jaw in several places.

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“It was a brutal, vicious attack. It could have happened to anybody. It was shocking,” the victim’s father told Eyewitness News.

Good samaritan Ashley Hill discovered the victim in a women’s restroom at around 8:30 a.m during her walk through the mall.

“She was missing at least one or more teeth, she was bleeding from every side of her head I could see, out of her ears. She was in really bad shape,” Hill told Eyewitness News shortly after the attack.

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The father views Hill as a hero, and is thankful his daughter wasn’t harmed further in the incident.

“When she was not sedated, she was very lucid, very communicative, surprisingly upbeat,” said the father.

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