Feeling nostalgic? Here are the top 10 memories Houstonians from 90’s may never get back

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Editor’s Note: Danielle is a millennial, and her list of the top 10 90’s memories is written from a first person perspective. 

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90’s kids are known for our nostalgia, but who can blame us?

Before economic recessions, student loans and constant contact through to our cell phones, we enjoyed butterfly clips, Buffy and punk buttons/stickers on everything.

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Recently, the Houston Chronicle compiled a list of the best things about growing up in Houston in the 90’s, reminding us what’s changed in Houston over the years.

While some of the cities improvement are for the better, here are the top 10 90s memories we’ll probably (and maybe hopefully) never get back:


#1 – AstroWorld was still the hit destination.

AstroWorld closed in 2005, but Houston is still hanging on to its memory. After all, millennials from Houston won’t argue a better way existed to spend the day than in AstroWorld riding coasters, playing games and buying Six Flags gear. For the lucky few, you could even earn free tickets to the park for academic achievement.


#2 – Selena!

For the first half of the 90s, we could listen to Selena until our ears fell off. The beloved Tejana singer also performed two notable shows in Houston, one at RodeoHouston and one at Astroworld’s Southern Star Ampitheater. After her tragic murder, fans cried and watch a biopic about her life starting in 1997.


#3 – You might meet Beyonce.

Beyonce still lived in Houston and attended the city’s High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. Previously, she’d attended Welch Middle School.

#4 – Malls were the best place to hangout.

You could spend an entire Friday or Saturday night at the mall and be the coolest kid around town. You could stock up on gear at Gadzooks, shop for music at Sam Goody, or duck into an Arcade to challenge your friends to a game. Munching on bad food from the food court felt like fine dining, and it was one of the few places you could ditch your parents without them worrying about you being up to no good.

#5 – Blockbuster Video still existed.

Blockbuster Video was not only a place to pick up movies, it was a hangout in its own right. You could spend hours joking around with your friends who worked there, watching the in-house film, or scouring over the selection of former rentals that were being sold off at a deep discount. Suddenly, finding that $2.99 DVD at the bottom of the bin felt like a mini rebellion.

RIP Blockbuster, you beautiful beast.


#6 – Watching a game in the Astrodome.

Hands down, the Astrodome was the coolest place to watch a baseball game. Not only this, but right across the street, you could see AstroWorld. Life was great for a 90’s kid that got to hit both in the same day.

#7 – Watching Bagwell and Biggio play for the Astros on regular TV.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or just jumped on the bandwagon, there’s no debate about the Astros being a Houston institution. Back in the day, you could watch them with just an antenna. Nostalgic cable cutters can only remember the good old days. Not only that, but you could still watch Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio bat for the ‘Stros.

Houston will never forget the Killer Bs.

#8 – Houston Rockets win!

The Houston Rockets won the championship in 1994 and 1995, putting Houston sports on the map. They forever earned the city the nickname “Clutch City.”

9 – Houston Oilers represent Houston football.

Until 1996, Houston’s hometown football team was the Oilers. After the team sold, it became the Tennessee Titans.

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#10 – Houston Aeros bring hockey to Houston.

During the 90s, Houston kids could watch hockey thanks to the Houston Aeros, which left the city in 2013. For kids that grew up watching the Mighty Ducks franchise, hockey was a treat, especially in a city as hot as Houston.

At least we have our memories. Right, Houston?

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