According to researchers, it’s apparently not an uncommon phenomenon – when fish fall from the sky, that is:

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A neighborhood in Fulshear experienced the surreal natural event just as the sleet moved into the Houston area earlier this week.

At Dana and Ryan Metz’s home, about 15 of the frozen flight-less fish fell in their yard:

“The dog wouldn’t come back in, she was playing with a leaf, and we found out later it was a fish instead of leaves,” Dana Metz said in an interview.

Other neighbors also reportedly found fish flapping around; about 10 people in the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision reported sightings.

“I looked down and there it was laying there, three or four fish, and started walking around found about 15, found a few in the pool, so it was weird,” Ryan said further.

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There are two small ponds north of the Metz’s home, and residents believe the wind, which weather reports showed blew especially strong Tuesday, potentially caused the incident.

Anna Caplan contributes to Rare Houston and Rare Animals. 
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