Footage shows man being detained after allegedly legally filming outside a building in Stafford


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A video posted by News Now Houston appears to show a man being detained after filming outside the Stafford, Texas, offices of defense contractor Atec Manufacturing.

As featured below, the video begins with an employee coming out of Atec’s office and asking the man to stop recording.

The company reportedly manufactures parts for use in military operations and space flight, and records show its clients include the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

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The man filming allegedly did so from the sidewalk outside the building, saying he went there “to take pictures of this building.”

After he doesn’t stop filming per the request of an authorized personnel, the police are called.

Authorities then arrive at the scene, where a back and forth ensues, during which the accused refuses to provide an ID, or to answer questions posed to him by the detaining officer and state trooper who arrives on the scene shortly afterward.

The man claimed his detainment is unlawful, citing section 38.02 of the Texas penal code, and therefore he does not need to self-identify.

He said he filmed the building from public property – the sidewalk – and, therefore, did not technically trespass.

In the end, the man filming is informed police arrest him if he steps on Atec property for criminal trespassing at the behest of the company and is allowed to leave by the three officers who’ve gathered to speak to him.

The purpose of the video appears to be to determine whether he’d be hassled for filming the building or not, despite allegedly being within his rights.

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