Footage shows robbers busting displays at Houston jewelry store in broad daylight, stealing millions Rare media library

Earlier this week, authorities released store surveillance cameras in Hutton’s Jewelry & Gifts showing a group of robbers smashing display cases with a hammer and running out of the store with over $2 million in jewels:

Police are reportedly looking for the two suspects, who allegedly committed the Sugar Land-area robbery in broad daylight on January 10.

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Footage shows the heist beginning in standard Hollywood fashion, with one man seeming to ask the clerk if he can see one of the pieces in the case; he can then be seen pulling a hammer out from under his coat, which he uses to smash the display glass.

According to ABC, police describe the first suspect as wearing a black jacket with a red and black Chicago Bulls baseball cap and faded blue jeans; investigators believe he is in his early 30s, about 200 pounds, standing around 5-foot-10.

The second man reportedly wore a white floppy bucket hat, black jacket and faded blue jeans; he weighs around 220 pounds and estimated to stand about 6-feet tall.

Police say the two are also suspected and wanted for breaking into another jewelry store in the Houston area, Deutsch & Deutsch Jewelers, in December.

The Sugar Land Police Department is asking anyone with information reach out to (281) 275-2540 or the Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers at (281) 342-TIPS

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