Like buyers on A&E’s “Storage Wars,” when Tony Alonso and his wife purchased a storage unit in Spring, they said they hoped to find valuables inside.

But instead, they found a box full of a veteran’s memories.

“You got stripes, a couple of medals and decorations and I guess his picture and a Western Union Telegram,” Tony said in an interview with Fox 26.

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The items reportedly belong to a man named Cleatus Wilkinson, who sent an enclosed telegram to a Laura Wilkinson upon his arrival back on U.S. soil, found in the unit.

It reportedly read as follows:

“Back at last, all well here, short time then home, Love, Cleatus.”

Based on the age of the items in the box, the buyers estimate Wilkinson most likely served during World War II or the Korean War.

Now, his military memories are tucked in a box held by the Alonso’s, who say they hope to reconcile the contents with its true owner — Cleatus’s family.

“It’s a shame to lose something like that,” Tony said in an interview.

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This is likely why he took to Facebook in his search for the man’s family, even going as far as calling the storage facility.

While his efforts remain unsuccessful at this time, during an interview, Tony said he remains optimistic:

“I’m a true believer in veterans. I thank them every day.”