On Sunday night, dozens in the Galveston community gathered to remember a 3-year-old little boy they didn’t know during his short life.

Four months since “Little Jacob’s” body washed up on the island’s shoreline in October 2017, FBI agents say they are still working to crack his case.

At this time, authorities said they do not even know the boy’s real name.

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However, members of the community refuse to let the little boy’s memory fade away, which is reportedly why they held the vigil on the seawall in his honor.

Last month, authorities released a photo of the little boy as he appeared lifeless on the beach, hoping someone would recognize him.

Although authorities do not know the cause of death, autopsy results show the boy suffered abuse and malnourishment before his death.


The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information about “Little Jacob.”

RELATED: Authorities release photo of lifeless “Little Jacob” in hopes of identifying him

May he RIP.

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