Girlfriend of alleged rapist from Corpus Christi comes forward with pictures of the heinous attack Photo from Bexar County Jail
Bishoy Elkhaliny is accused of acts of abuse against several women going back a decade. Source: Bexar County Jail

Bishoy Elkhaliny, a 30-year-old from Corpus Christi, Texas, is accused of multiple heinous acts of abuse against the women he dated.

Kaila Kutzik, 22, is the latest victim of the wealthy man, who allegedly beat, raped and held her captive at his luxury home in San Antonio’s Stone Oak development.

Reports of Elkhaliny’s violent mental and physical abuse go back a decade, according to the Houston Chronicle, and the original report by My San Antonio.

“He’s a sociopath,” said 26-year-old student KC Perez, who’s home was broken into by Elkhaliny during one of his rampages, in an interview with reporters. “He’s just a classic sociopath.”

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A protective order was filed against Elkhaliny, and he’s been reportedly arrested several times, but victims claim his father, a wealthy doctor in Corpus Christi, funds Elkhaliny’s abusive lifestyle and turns a blind eye to the damage he’s done to women.

In 2016, while Elkhaliny was dating Jacqueline Culp, he allegedly stole her electronics, locked them in a safe and beat her brutally.

When she tried to get away from him, Elkhaliny followed her to Perez’s apartment, dragged her outside and began to beat her with his fists and feet. He then fled, stealing Perez’ phone so she couldn’t call the police, according to reports.

Victims say Elkhaliny follows a pattern of drawing women in with money and acts of kindness, then perpetrates vicious mental and physical abuse against them.

After the episode in which he dragged Culp outside, beat her and guilt-tripped her into taking him to the doctor for an injury he sustained while beating her, he proposed to Culp on a drive to his parent’s house, according to

When she said no, he reportedly beat her within an inch of her life and stripped off almost all of her clothing. Culp was able to escape, and Elkhaliny was arrested, but let off with a misdemeanor charge despite a veritable mountain of evidence against him.

Kutzik’s beating left her with a fractured orbital bone. He still allegedly forced her to clean the house, and raped her after the attack.

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He’s currently being held in jail without bond because he failed to show at a court date for burglary charges, for breaking into Perez’s home.

He’s being charged with aggravated assault causing severe bodily injury and burglary of a habitation with intent to commit assault — both second degree felonies. He is also being investigated for sexual assault, a first degree felony.

District Attorney Nico LaHood hopes to put Elkhaliny away for a long time.

“Once we do our due diligence and get a conviction, I am not looking to take it easy on this guy,” LaHood said in an interview. “He will absolutely be held accountable for these allegations.”

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