The Harris County Animal Shelter wants to find homes for Houston’s stray pets.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always an easy task with Houston’s stray animal population remaining high despite their tireless efforts.

After receiving two grants from local animal welfare nonprofit Houston PetSet, the shelter may finally be able to rehome more of the pups that find their way into the shelter.

Using about $250,000 in dollars donated to help pets, the shelter will ship unwanted dogs to states with more demand for adoptions, such as Colorado. This move will offer the pups a better chance at getting a new family, even if it’s a hard swallow for some local dog lovers.

Sending the dogs to other states should both save more dogs from euthanasia and lower the shelter population, which is a win-win for Houston pets and the people who love them.

The shelter will also invest $500,000 of PetSet grant dollars into a new wellness clinic that will provide lower cost vet services to Houston residents, making it easier for people to own and care for pets.

If you’re in need of a new fur-baby, the shelter is currently running a $5 cat and kitten special through the end of June. Not to leave out the pups, they have also run a few specials for them as well, including one for Father’s Day.

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If you’d like to know more about how you can help the pets of Harris County, join or follow the Harris County Animal Shelter Volunteers.

Harris County reveals their plan to save Houston’s stray dogs @harriscountyanimalsheltervolunteers, Facebook, April 14, 2017