He may not be able to sell Teslas (directly) in Texas, but is this Boring idea one Elon Musk could sell in the Lone Star State?

Workers stand before a tunnel boring machine 130 feet below street level in the 63rd Street subway tunnel construction site in New York, Jan. 10, 1980. The 98-foot-long, 900,000-pound machine cost $4 million to build. The Robbins Company of Seattle, Wash. built the machine, with the cutting head supplied by the Westinghouse Co., of Sunnyvale, Calif. (AP Photo/Dave Pickoff)

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Set with “verbal government approval” to build, Elon Musk is working on plans for an underground, multi-state “Hyperloop” connecting New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C.

And Texas might be next.

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On Twitter, Musk posted he plans to start a Texas loop after tunnels are constructed in the five cities already hyper about a potential high-speed loop.

People are hoping a Texas loop will connect its largest major cities, such as Houston to Dallas, cutting what is now a nearly-5-hour drive down to 30 minutes.

The hyperloop project is being run through Musk’s tunneling operations, The Boring Company, which is reportedly currently digging near SpaceX headquarters in California.

Musk’s wants to use this project and others like it to establish a new transit network for everything from goods to people.

Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd said it could do for transportation what broadband did for telecommunications.

Of Course, Musk said there is still a long way to go before he gets the formal green light to begin the Hyperloop project, but he’s optimistic:

At a press conference on Wednesday he spoke on the plans:

“…oddly enough it’s kind of like a little low stress activity, because everyone expects us to fail.”

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To all the hours Houstonians waste in traffic, let’s hope they don’t.

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