Help your kids understand Harvey’s aftermath with some old friends down on Sesame Street

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As Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston, countless families were displaced and continue to seek shelter in the flooded aftermath.

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Even if you remain in your home, it can be difficult to explain to children what is happening in the storm and why life might be different for weeks or months while the city recovers from the tragedy.

Thanks to your friends over at Sesame Street, though, helping your child understand might be a little easier.

Back in 2012, the popular children’s program posted an hour-long episode about cleaning up after a hurricane to their YouTube account.

It provides a safe, fun way for children to gain a better understanding about the aftermath of a storm, helping parents explain something even some adults struggle to process.

In the video, the characters clean up after a hurricane strikes Sesame Street.

As the crew works together, they teach children coping skills to help them manage their emotions during recovery.

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You can also find additional resources to help your child by visiting

If you need shelter or want to help Houston, read more here.

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