We’ve all made a shameful late night drive-thru run.

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But Houston rapper Fat Tony’s newest production is drowning out the guilt of eating under the influence by serving up the truth about the fast food scene around town.

Produced by GLDN_EYE, “Drive-Thru” is Tony’s latest work in his list of impressive collaborations, which includes Asher Roth and A$AP Rocky.

The catchy lyrics are a brutally honest review of Houston’s iconic establishments, like Frenchy’s and T-Chan’s, and sure to be stuck in your head the next time a late-night craving takes over.

Where I’m from Whataburger’s all we like / Big Mac, I don’t even touch that

Damn right I ain’t on a diet I eat what I like / But Frenchy’s yes please I love that, get a 10-piece

No, I don’t eat on Sonic / If I see it I vomit

Don’t give a damn ’bout T-Chan’s / No matter what’s in my wallet / Whataburger gets my profit

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Give in and treat yourself.  Fat Tony orders.