Here’s how much money you’ll need to live in Houston’s best neighborhoods

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When it comes to cost of living, research conducted by Forbes shows Houston is the 7th most reasonable city in the nation when it comes to cost of living.

Once heavily tied to fluctuations in the oil and gas market, diverse economic growth in industries including health care and transportation has resulted in a strong median salary that is still on the rise.

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These salaries are regularly exchanged for homes, especially for families continuing to move in the area, and Houston Properties’ analysis of such transactions may surprise you:

Screen shot of Houston Properties’ website

Of 52 neighborhoods around town, there are options for earners across the spectrum but, as with all real estate and especially homes, external factors, like school quality and location, play a large role in these estimated prices:

Screen shot of Houston Properties’ website
Screen shot of Houston Properties’ website
Screen shot of Houston Properties’ website, continued

The website gives detailed information on each neighborhood, such as information on restaurants, parks and a glimpse on sale prices for homes on the market. Houstonians could spend some serious time searching.

But because Millennials are shaping up to be frivolous spenders, allegedly choosing brunch over saving for a down payment, and the concept of certain amounts of money may be lost on an entire generation, conceptualized the cost in a way young people can try to understand:

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Tough choices, Houston!

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