BY Dean Strakaz

Houston football will be keeping a close watch on new offensive coordinator and associate head coach Kendal Briles.

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A strict morality clause was included in the former Baylor assistant’s memorandum of understanding, which the Houston Chronicle obtained a copy of on Saturday.

According to the morality clause, information of personal conduct that reflects “unfavorably upon UH’s reputation and overall primary mission and objectives,” even if the conduct occurred before the hiring, can result in termination with cause.

Briles served on Baylor’s coaching staff from 2008-2016. He was the team’s offensive coordinator at the time of a scandal which resulted in the firing of head coach and father Art Briles in May 2016.

The clause stated that “merely having been on staff at Baylor and performing your job duties while allegations of misconduct were made or supporting Baylor football during your time of employment at Baylor” cannot be used to support termination with cause for Briles.

Briles spent the 2017 season as Florida Atlantic’s offensive coordinator under head coach Lane Kiffin.

Former Baylor offensive line coach Randy Clements was also hired by Houston Saturday in the same position he previously held with Baylor for nine seasons. He spent 2017 with Southeastern.

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