Houston-area fugitive wanted for indecency with a child caught in Illinois elementary school Rare media library
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Adrian Rivas, 39, was arrested Feb. 8 as a substitute teacher for Jefferson Elementary School in Charleston, Illinois, after a warrant was issued for his arrest in Montgomery County Jan. 12.

When school officials found out Rivas was wanted as a fugitive from justice in Texas on felony charges, they promptly turned him in, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Officials at the Charleston school district where Rivas was working at the time of his arrest said in a press release they were contacted by a U.S. marshal, who informed them of the charges against Rivas.

Rivas was reportedly taken into custody outside of the school building.

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In December 2016, Rivas allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl while she was babysitting his children, according to the Chronicle. Court documents state:

A 14-year-old girl made an outcry to her mother that she was sexually assaulted by her neighbor when she was babysitting Rivas’ children earlier that day. Rivas was allegedly on top of the victim at one point while the her clothes were on, but he touched her in inappropriate areas before she said he needed to stop and she needed to go.

In early 2017 when investigators tried to contact Rivas, they discovered he’d left the state, and would not speak with them regarding the accusations, saying his attorney advised against it.

As to how Rivas got his job as a substitute, it seems the warrant for his arrest may have been filed after he passed a criminal background check during the Charleston School District’s hiring process. The district stated in their release pertaining to his arrest that:

Every employee in the Charleston School District, including Rivas must undergo and pass a criminal background check, including FBI fingerprinting as a condition of employment Rivas worked intermittently as a substitute teacher from Oct. 18, 2017 until yesterday [Friday.] His arrest was not related to his employment in the district.

The bond recommendation for Rivas is reportedly $30,000. He will be extradited to Montgomery County, where he will face charges.

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