It’s no secret that cars rule in Houston.

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But a move to enhance the city’s relationship between drivers and cyclists has hit a bump in the road. According to the Houston Press, only $2.2 million–out of the $300-$500 million blueprint–has been earmarked to specifically aid the cause.

City Council first announced the Bike Plan in March, but the 20-year plan, which hopes to add 1,700 miles of bikeways as well as fix potholes and clear debris, has been unable to yield the funds through a bond referendum.

“We’re happy to have whatever is dedicated to implementation of bike plan projects, but $2.2 million isn’t going to go very far,” John Long, executive director of Bike Houston, said. “Even the short-term implementation is ten times that figure, and our focus is initially on those short-term projects that would be high-impact, that would demonstrate immediate progress on the bike plan. It’s going to take more than $2.2 million to get that done.”

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While officials say there are other ways to find the funds, the initial $2.2 million would only cover/revitalize 10-24 miles.

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