Tillman Fertitta may not be the richest billionaire in town, but, as owner of one of the city’s most popular restaurant chains, Landry’s, as well as the Rockets franchise, he’s certainly rich in Houston spirit.

The new owner is also the star of his own reality show.

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CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer features Fertitta dishing out advice to struggling small business owners who hope the billionaire will be the break they’re looking for.

Fertitta, who is worth a reported $3.6 billion according to Forbes, dishes out advice and occasional business opportunities to join his thriving empire.

On a recent episode, Fertitta gave the owners of a small salad dressing business a simple piece of advice he described as essential for becoming a successful entrepreneur:

“Your willingness to admit when you’re wrong and your willingness to learn,” Fertitta said during the show, “that’s the greatest asset an entrepreneur can have.”

The owners of Hanley’s Foods said they hoped Fertitta would buy their dressings for his restaurants, but the billionaire wasn’t impressed with their offerings.

However, their hardworking spirit did please the mogul, who encouraged them to keep trying.

“I love that you said, ‘You know what, we don’t think it’s right, and we’re going to go back and fix it and make it better,'” he told them.

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Fertitta dishes out advice on each episode of his reality show.

Billion Dollar Buyer is in its third season.

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