Houston business owner throws shade at Eater Houston for restaurant closure list

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The owner of Houston’s Fluff Bake Bar shared a few choice words for food publication Eater’s Houston branch last Friday after an article listed it among the city’s saddest restaurant closures of 2017.

Fluff Bake Bar’s post called out Eater Houston and the author of the article, which Eater since updated to include the fact of, while the store’s physical location may be undergoing repairs, Fluff is still doing business and reportedly plans to reopen in 2018.

An editor’s note also added at the bottom of the article stated additional information.

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Despite the fake news, Fluff Bake Bar still nominated Eater for Trump’s ‘corrupt media awards,’ replying directly to the President’s own Twitter account about the article.

As the numbers show, the back-and-forth ultimately resulted in a number of people unfollowing Eater’s Houston publication on social media – an error potentially bringing serious consequences for a store’s business.

If people see the store is closed online, they may write it off for good.

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