Fidget spinners are all of the rage, delighting children and annoying the adults around them. After famous chef Eric Ripert posted on Instagram that he’d banned the popular toy from his restaurant kitchen, Houston’s REEF came out in defense of the gadgets for a totally unexpected reason.

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While some are using them for focus or stress reduction, REEF dazzled the online community by creating an artistic plating using the child’s toy.

The popular seafood restaurant’s sous chef Jake proved that a fidget spinner can turn a plate into art by spraying sauce onto the toy while it was spinning on the plate. As the sauce hit the spinning toy, flecks of it sprayed out, creating a circular pattern of dots that are reminiscent of a Pollock painting. The resulting design provided a great backdrop for an entree and garnish.

After he removed the fidget spinner from the plate, the chef added veggies, seared fish, and garnish to complete the culinary masterpiece.

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While some who’ve watched the video expressed concern that the fidget spinner might be unsanitary, representatives from REEF explained away the controversy, ensuring that they always maintain high standards of cleanliness and ate the masterpiece dish themselves.

The video, which was posted to Instagram, has over 20,000 views. After its success, REEF invited patrons to enjoy a fidget spinner-inspired dish for a limited time.

Houston chef stuns the culinary world with his unique take on fidget spinners Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images