Houston drivers are legitimately insane, and these two ridiculous videos prove it

Screen shot of YouTube.com/Craig Owen's video

“Oh, shit,” might be right.

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Earlier this week, YouTuber Craig Owen posted the above crash captured on his dash cam.

From the footage, it appears a silver sedan took its time with a red light, hitting the blue sedan’s driver side door.

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And, since it’s Houston, the collision was coincidentally set to Night Rider’s mega hit, “Sister Christen.”

If Houston’s traffic becoming powerful enough to get its own soundtrack wasn’t enough to qualify it as “legitimately insane,” there’s another clip of an insane Houstonian making its way around the web.

First posted in the WTF subreddit, then in the Texas thread, a Redditer caught a…conspicuous car driving around the Bayou City.

The only problem?  He was riding around that H-Town without tires:

The background, of course, looks like Houston.

Jorgp2 posted the short, looped clip to /r/texas with the title, “This is Houston, isn’t it?”

Other users seem to agree – one posting they were certain the car was driving in Houston, even specifying 45 North.

Another commenter declared his family from Florida called to ask if the footage was legitimate.

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When Floridians are calling, you know Houston traffic must be bad. Let’s keep it together out there, y’all!

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