A young female rapper known for her poetry, sense of rhythm and Houston’s imagery reflected her work is on her way to becoming one of the rising stars of the industry.

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But, even growing up in southwest Houston around Missouri City and Alief, Isis “Big Ice” Ohui’s describes her lyrical style as more reminiscent of the East Coast legends of hip-hop than of Houston’s homegrown scene:

“My mom, as a kid, all we listened to: Biggie, Pac, Hov (Jay-Z), Nas,” she listed as some of her influences in an interview with 713 Magazine. “That lyricism always fascinated me.”

Following inspiration from her mother, a writer and public speaker, and rapping since a young age, Ohui’s father bought her an electric piano with pre-recorded beats she used to write her first raps at age 8.

Like all great rappers, she says she relies on her writing skills to paint pictures of her life’s journey in music. Her single “I Miss You” details her abusive relationship with her father:

“The situation with my dad and what I’m still going through,” she said in an interview, “it makes me stronger because I know somebody else is going through the same thing and I’m just trying to be an example of how to deal with it — how to overcome it.”

Additionally, Ohui said she understands there is a lot to overcome as a female in the male-dominated world of hip-hop:

“So sometimes I do get discouraged.  It’s hard to not be discouraged when you’re in a field that’s not meant for you to prosper. But I always get reminded that my time is coming.”

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The budding star is currently splitting her time between developing her career and pursuing a degree at Prairie View A&M University. She is also working a YouTube channel to feature her performances.

“I want people to understand that I’m a great writer, I’m a storyteller,” she said. “I have something to say.”