Houston has a Twitter war to thank for their free Good Dogs when the Astros clinch the World Series

As if the Astros playing in the World Series couldn’t get any better, free hot dogs are now on the line.

Bayou City’s Good Dog Houston has been locked in a playful Twitter battle with Los Angeles rival Pink’s Hot Dogs.

The showdown resulted in an extra prize for baseball fans: the losing team’s hotdog restaurant will pay the tab for free hotdogs served by the winning team’s restaurant.

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That means that when the Astros win the World Series, H-Town fans can head to their nearest Good Dog for a free hot dog.

Good Dog, which serves a number of tasty hot dog concoctions, has two locations in Houston — one in the Heights and one in Montrose.

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Good Dog has been piling on the Houston love as the Astros cruise through the postseason, and we can’t wait to get our hands on those free hot dogs!

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