In case you needed another reason to pull out your stretchy pants this week, Houston is now officially home to nationally ranked ice cream sandwiches.

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Two Houston hotspots got some love from BuzzFeed for serving up terrific treats:

The recent article ranking the top ice cream sandwiches in America was compiled according to YELP reviews, and Houston’s own SMOOSH Cookies and Treats of Mexico both made the list.

Number one in our hearts, SMOOSH’s waffle ice cream sandwich took the third place for their ingenious ice cream inside a waffle.

SMOOSH serves the waffle sandwiches on Wednesdays, so indulging can take a bit of planning, but nothing good doesn’t make you wait.

A little further down the list, Treats of Mexico came in at 20th with their concha ice cream sandwich, a treat  so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it (almost).

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Stay cool, and happy – sticky – eating, Houston!  Congrats to our winners!

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