A Houston man suspected of “nearly beheading” his girlfriend with a samurai sword reportedly turned himself in to authorities this week.

Kenneth Wayne Lockings, Jr., 45, is suspected of murdering Aracely Jernigan, 36, with a Japanese-style sword at the couple’s apartment near Gessner and Tanner in northwest Houston.

Jernigan reportedly recently returned to Houston from Mexico, where she spent several months visiting with family members.

Lockings’ grandmother, Marie Carrier, said she gave her grandson the sword as a present over the Thanksgiving holiday, telling investigators further how Lockings visited with her earlier in the day for a chat over coffee.

She also told them he suffered from a history of mental health issues.

“He’s really messed up in the head,” she said during an interview.

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Later during the same day, Lockings’ sister reportedly went to visit her brother, who refused to let her enter the apartment.

Authorities then believe she called Lockings’ father, who persuaded his son to let them in.

When they discovered Jernigan’s body, they talked Lockings into turning himself in to authorities.

Investigators at the scene said they found a bag packed with women’s clothing, presumably Jernigan’s; blood spatter patterns at the crime scene came back as consistent with those potentially caused by a blow to Jernigan’s neck with a weapon, which nearly severed her head from the rest of her body.

Records show Lockings is being held in the Harris County Jail without bail.

He will be charged with Jernigan’s murder, as well as a federal parole violation.

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This isn’t the first time Lockings faced issues with police, given his arrest record consists of several dings for drug possession.

During 2009, police reportedly charged him with assaulting a family member, but prosecutors dropped the charges after he became convicted of cocaine possession.

May this victim RIP.

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