Houston man finds abandoned newborn in the bushes covered with these Source: @KHOU Twitter

A crying infant was discovered abandoned in the bushes of an apartment complex in Harris County Thursday morning. The baby, who was just a few hours old, was covered in ants. The umbilical cord was still attached.

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“I heard some crying and whining and crying, and I kept walking until I got closer to the noise, and then I look at the ground and there was a baby down there,” Albert Peterson told KHOU.

Peterson found the newborn baby girl as he was leaving his apartment, which is located in the 17700 block of Red Oak Drive in Houston’s northside. Instead of going to work, Peterson took the baby back to his apartment to wait for authorities.

Police responded to the scene at about 5:30 a.m., where they immediately noticed a clue. Bloody footprints left by the mother could be seen on the sidewalk.

The trail of blood led investigators back to an apartment in the complex where they found a 21-year-old woman they believe may be the mother of the abandoned baby. She was with a man, but they aren’t sure of her connection to him at this time.

Police believe` the woman gave birth to the baby girl in her apartment and then discarded the baby in the bushes.

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While the mother will face child endangerment charges, luckily Peterson was there to pursie the noises he heard from the bushes.

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