Houston moms are scariest in the country, and these murderous matriarchs prove it

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Last week, a Deer Park mom pulled a gun on another mom in the school drop-off line.

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This might not be too shocking because… it’s Texas, everyone has a gun, and it’s every man for himself during carpool. But this isn’t the first incident of a mom losing her cool in the suburbs.

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Take former Clear Lake resident Andrea Yates, for example – the infamous mother of five who drowned her kids in a bathtub back in 2001.

Before the murders, Yates dealt with an eccentric husband who worked for NASA and forced the family of seven to live in a confined trailer for some time before moving to a house in Seabrook. She also suffered from severe postpartum depression, which was not widely acknowledged as a problem at the time.

In 2006, Yates was found not guilty of her heinous acts by reason of insanity, and she’s lived in a mental hospital ever since.

The Yates Family tragedy shocked the entire country, but perhaps it is NASA that makes people crazy.

Case and point – fellow Clear Laker and astronaut Lisa Nowak, who reportedly drove 900 miles in a diaper, trench coat and wig to confront her philandering ex-boyfriend in a Florida airport in 2007.

Nowak packed a duffel bag for her trip, which she filled with a “variety of weapons,” including a two-pound mallet, a 9-millimeter semi-automatic replica BB gun and surgical tubing.

You never know what you may need when exacting your Dexter-style revenge, and astronaut training seems like it could come in handy in any scenario, but especially attempted murder.

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Nowak was ultimately charged with such, but eventually pleaded guilty to burglary and battery as part of a bargain to avoid further litigation, much to her former lover’s dismay.

“Please don’t be fooled. Lisa Nowak is a very good actress,” Air Force pilot Colleen Shipman, her ex-lover, said during a hearing after listening to remorseful testimony from the astro-nut. “She was going to kill me. It was in her eyes: a blood-chilling expression of limitless rage and glee.”

Even if it’s not the effect of intense pressure from NASA driving people to murder, the intensity in Houston’s suburbs is real.

Still not convinced? Maybe you’d like a little reminder of the fantastically tragic story that is Clara Harris.

Shaky footage, yes, but you get the point: in 2002, she ran over (and over and over) her husband in the Nassau Bay Hilton parking lot, with his daughter in the front row seat for the action.

David Harris, a well-known orthodontist from the area, was having an affair at the luxury spot when Clara committed the crime of manslaughter that landed her a 20-year prison sentence. Most recently, Clara was reportedly denied parole for her violent criminal acts.

Must be something in the water.

But, believe it or not, there are some chemically balanced Clear Lake women out there, including Ginger Sprouse, who recently made headlines for her altruism, rather than murder.

Sprouse teaches cooking classes in Clear Lake, but took interest in a homeless man named Victor who always stood outside her business, and started to seek information on Facebook.

In an interview with MyBayArea Radio, she said she learned Victor stood where he did to wait for his mother; he last saw her there three years ago.

The selfless chef took action by starting a GoFundMe page, which raised nearly $20,000 in two months for Victor. And her goodness did not stop there, because she has since given him a job in her kitchen and worked to get him the mental health services he needs.

Crazy and one-of-a-kind suburban moms do not play. You’ve been warned.

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