Houston pastor sends warning to burglars targeting his church during Sunday service

Houston police are searching for at least three suspects in a series of car burglaries that occurred during Sunday services at a Southwest Houston church. Members of the Greater Truth Church of God in Christ noticed the suspects had shattered several windows and made off with any valuables they could find in cars parked around the lot.

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Video recorded from a surveillance camera in the parking lot showed two young men pull into the lot, break several car windows and grab whatever they could find of value. One of the robbers apparently left behind a cell phone, which police used to gather evidence about the suspects. The video also shows the robbers returning to the lot, possibly to search for the missing cell phone.

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A church member who went outside to answer a phone call noticed the robbers. He went back inside to alert the other members, then attempted to stop their getaway by grabbing their car door, but the robbers got away.

Police have yet to release any of the information they gathered,

Pastor Dexter Kyle, Sr., told a local TV station the church has security guards, most of whom are licensed to carry concealed weapons. Kyle also mentioned the church has hosted gun classes for its members, and some members carry their weapons with them when attending services.

“We’re grateful that we didn’t interact at the time because it could have been much worse,” Kyle told the station. He also mentioned that the robbers left “blood and DNA” on several vehicles, as well as “pieces of evidence everywhere.”

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Kyle also insinuated that if these or any other robbers attempt another strike at the church, they may get an up-close-and-personal meeting with the Almighty.

“We used to have respect for the church,” he told another local TV station. “The lesson is that you must be very careful because sometime you may run into somebody you can’t run away from.”

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