Houston police confront high school students in epic lunchtime showdown

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Earlier this week, a battle broke out Police Officer Appreciation Luncheon at Houston’s Worthing High School:

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A dance battle, that is.

Participating as part of a reported initiative to create better connections between students, HPD officers and students interacted over their lunch periods to discuss how both groups could relate to each other to reduce crime and make their neighborhoods safer.

Specific goals of the event included “improving and building healthy relationships between minority students and persons in positions of authority,” according to a press release from the school.

As the officers and students engaged in jovial conversation and a frank exchange of ideas, an unnamed person started playing music, inciting students to wild levels.

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Officers in attendance felt compelled to get involved, but, instead of putting a stop to the festivities, as featured below, a number of officers jumped on the dance floor showing off some sweet moves of their own.

The music ranged from ’60s soul to ’90s R&B to current hip-hop hits, with the students bringing some “new school” to blend with the officers’ “old school swag,” all while cueing laughs from the students, as well as teachers and parents watching nearby.

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There are no casualties to report in the aftermath of the battle.

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