The Houston Police Department needs your help to locate a notorious holiday heist man — he’s green, fuzzy and wearing a Santa suit.

While the Grinch may be fake, HPD recenlty released “surveillance footage” of the infamous holiday villain stealing from a vehicle as the owner pumps gas to show citizens how easy it is to fall prey to holiday hucksters.

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As people across Houston gear up for a festive holiday season, thieves are hitting the streets, too.

Although they said thefts are always a threat, crimes increase around the holidays.

HPD wants you to have a safe, happy holiday, so they held a press conference to give you holiday safety tips, during which they showed surveillance video of a “crime” in progress.

During their press conference, HPD shared several recommendations to help shoppers protect themselves:

When out, carry minimal cash and only one credit card for making purchases.

Secure your remaining cards and personal documents, like your social security card, at home.

Be vigilant about your surroundings, and don’t leave items thieves may find tempting — such as bags, coins or boxes — visible in your vehicle.

Even if you lock your car, thieves are reportedly known to break windows or strong-arm their way into the vehicle if they spot something worth stealing.

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When you go to the bank or make a large purchase, go directly home and monitor behind you to make sure you aren’t followed.


If you get gas, hold your purse and keys with you while you pump, and lock your doors.

Stay safe, Houston!

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