Every child hopes to be on Santa’s “nice” list for Christmas, and today there are websites that actually allow children to email Santa, take a quiz, or use a call-in service to find out which list they’re on. While some families consider it all fun and games, a Houston radio producer found himself on his listerners’ “naughty” list after he posted a video of his daughter waiting to hear her status this year.

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Eric Rowe, who produces KRBE 104.1’s morning show “The Roula and Ryan Show,” shared a video on social media of his daughter, Ava, waiting to find out her status, resulting in immediate backlash.

Although Rowe deleted all of his tweets concerning the incident, he reportedly responded to several people, including a mental health professional, with expletives and insults.

In the video, little Ava does seem to be upset, but Rowe says she was crying tears of joy after finding out she made the “nice” list.

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According to Rowe, this is a yearly tradition his family does on Christmas Eve.

His defense wasn’t enough for many fans, who called the “prank” cruel. There is even a petition to get him to resign from his job.