After reading a profile on 39-year-old father of two Jorge Garcia in the Detroit Free Press, Houston rapper Chamillionaire said he wanted to find some way to help the man’s two children.

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According to the report, Immigration and Customs Officials deported Garcia, who reportedly spent three decades in the U.S., now separated from his children, according to the article by the Free Press’ Niraj Warikoo.

“Garcia was brought to the U.S. by an undocumented family member when he was 10 years old,” Warikoo wrote in the piece. “Today, he has a wife and two children, all of whom are U.S. citizens. He’s been trying for years to find a path to live legally in the U.S., with he and his wife spending $125,000 in legal costs and fees since 2005, says his wife.”

As posted to Twitter, Chamillionaire emailed Warikoo, so moved by his profile, he offered to help Garcia’s family financially.

After a screenshot of the email went viral, the Houston Chronicle reached out to Chamillionaire:

“…I assumed this would be a private conversation, and I was hoping that I would be connected to the family, but unfortunately, neither happened,” Chamillionaire said in an interview Thursday. “It looks like the story of this family’s unfortunate situation is gaining some traction, so at the least, I’m happy to see their story getting the attention that it deserves.”

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Riding dirty helping causes he cares about, but staying humble. It’s the Houston way.

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