If you’ve ever spent time in the area, you’ll know Houston’s highways are indisputably a thorn in the side of everyone who lives in the Bayou City.

With highways seemingly becoming perpetual parking lots, it’s no surprise Houston ranked like it did on the list in a traffic study of the worst commutes in America:

Staffing firm Robert Half spearheaded the analysis, hiring a data collection firm to look at the commutes in 27 major cities across the United States.

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Based on the data, the firm ranked the cities according to the longest commute and the most stressful commute, with Houston coming in at 11th longest.

They fell behind Dallas at No. 5 and Austin at No. 10, and, according to the study, the average commute in Houston is 50.56 minutes.

In terms of most stressful commutes, Houston broke the top 10 based on the data, which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows the H Town version of bumper to bumper traffic.

In a city where not having a fire on the roadway is a good day, it’s no surprise the study found stress levels to be high.

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Houston ranked 6th for the most stressful commute, beating out Dallas at No. 7.

Austin took the 3rd spot.

After your commutes today and those to come, remember, someone knows your struggle.

Stay safe, Houston!

Houstonians are finally getting the recognition they deserve for their daily driving penance AP Photo/David J. Phillip