Houstonians with AT&T couldn’t call 911 Wednesday, even though a few of them may have needed to make that call

As coins slide down before her eyes, a German woman uses a new long distance dial telephone for public booths, July 17,1957.(AP Photo)

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Videos by Rare

Those three little numbers we all know, but desperately hope we never have to dial, were playing hard to get Wednesday for a select few Houstonians.

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AT&T users around town and across the country reportedly were without 911 services for about two hours.

Houston authorities reported the outage around 8 p.m., and HPD Chief Art Acevedo was quick to tweet the long-form emergency services number: 713-884-3131.

Around 10 p.m., AT&T tweeted the issue was resolved.

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While no serious problems arose during the glitch, one Reddit user shared details of a crazy evening where a quick call to 911 could have made all the difference:


A few commentators had a few thoughts on KolyaVolk’s situation:

Definitely add that to the emergency number list on the fridge for the babysitter.

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