Houstonians witnessed a fiery, fatal scene last night at the intersection of Ashcroft and Bissonnet Rare Media Library

Two people lost their lives overnight when their vehicle reportedly crashed at a high speed and became wedged between two trees in what one police officer is calling the worst crash he can recall since joining the force.

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Houston Police say they are currently working to identify the two people found in the car, where the speedometer showed 80 mph at the scene of Ashcroft and Bissonnet.

Investigators are further reportedly trying to recreate the accident, in which the vehicle split in two before, as they believe, erupting in flames, killing the driver and passenger instantly.

Authorities say it is a busy time of the year for late-night drivers ahead of Halloween and with so many sports currently in season:

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“We want to ensure everyone has a good time here in the city of Houston, but they need to take advantage of taxi services, Uber, a designated driver,” HPD Detective Robert Klementich said in an interview with ABC 13. “We need to enjoy the Astros winning, but we also need to get home and stay safe for our loved ones.”

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