If a developer’s plans go through, Houston may have a new waterfront destination on Buffalo Bayou.

Along the waterfront in Houston’s 5th Ward, about 150 acres of untouched land, could be the home of a new mixed-use development. Right now, thick pockets of trees and patches of high grass cover the property, creating a stark contrast with the view of Houston’s skyline that hangs in the distance.

Located on Clinton Drive between Jensen and Hirsch, the property sits between Buffalo Bayou and nearby historic neighborhoods, northeast of Downtown. While the land sits on the water and provides a direct view of the skyline, it’s been left to grow wild.

Homeowner Robert Meaney told ABC13, “I feel like this area is a little bit of a hidden gem within the Houston city limits.”

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Property developer Midway, who previously brought Houston the CITYCENTRE, has a plan to transform this “gem” into a destination for all Houstonians, celebrating the diversity that the city is famous for.

Midway CEO Jonathan Brinsden said in a news release, “We intend to create a variety of options to appeal to a wide range of customers as befits a diverse, international and multicultural city.”

While the development project would most likely stretch out over a decade because of the size of the property, Midway plans to complete it in stages, bringing its vision to life in pieces, so residents will enjoy phases of the project before the entire development is complete.

Midway has been working with community partners, including the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation.

Houston’s 5th Ward could be home to East River Project AP Photo/Pat Sullivan