Ask any pig owner, and they’ll swear swine make swell pets.

And if you’re currently in the pet market, Houston’s local animal shelters coincidentally happen to be trying to match seven local “babes” with their fur-ever homes, with five currently waiting placement at the Houston SPCA.

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If you’re interested in adopting one, however, it is a bit of a process: the SPCA works to ensure all of their adopted pets will be properly cared for in their new homes.

You’ll be asked to prove you have a good home, fit for a piggy, as well as proof that you’re in touch with a veterinarian who can treat pigs.

Best Friend Rescue, an animal welfare group in Magnolia caring for the other two pigs, told the Houston Chronicle people often buy baby pigs, but then dump them when they get bigger.

The adoptable pigs are as small as 14 pounds, with some topping out the scales at around 100 pounds.

While most of the animals are outdoor pigs, there are two smaller indoor pigs up for adoption, including one who uses a litter box.

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Interested adopters will also need to check their local laws before taking their pigs home, since some of Houston’s suburbs do not permit barnyard friends within their jurisdiction.

Interested in adopting? You can find all of the pigs and pets currently available around Harris County on

Houston’s animal shelters are seeking homes for seven “babes” that would look super hot in your backyard AP Photo/Francisco Seco