Houston’s Eighth Wonder brewery has a few famous, concrete guests

David Adickes' giant sculptures of The Beatles will be on display at Eighth Wonder Brewery for the next year. Photo: Ryan Soroka/Eighth Wonder Brewery

Four cement statues of The Beatles have taken up temporary residence at Houston’s Eight Wonder Brewery.

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Created by sculptor David Adickes, famous for his giant statues of famous historical figures, The Beatles are hanging out at Eighth Wonder until they can be sold. You can have all four music legends for the low low price of $350,000, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Houston sculptor David Adickes. Image courtesy of Facebook.

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The stylized representations of the Liverpool band are huge, standing taller than the storage containers around them. Ringo comes with his own giant drum set. The statues were first revealed to the public in Houston in 2007, christened by Adickes’ daughter, and the sculptor fashioned them from concrete and wire.

Though the roughly four-ton statues are up for sale, they’re under contract to be displayed at Eight Wonder for a while before they move on, according to brewery owner Ryan Soroka.

The statues have been out of the public eye since around 2015, but have now resurfaced, and will be in Eighth Wonder’s backyard for a year. Adickes has been forced to relocate the sculptures stored in his Houston workshop because it was recently condemned, due to eminent domain issues tied to new construction on I45.

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