Houston’s “Escape The Room” offers escape from heat, humidity and boredom

As the summer season winds down, families across Houston are seeking out one last adventure before the youngsters start school in the fall. At the same time, they often look for an escape from the heat, humidity, and long lines they often find out most outdoor venues, while also wanting an activity that offers an intellectual challenge to both parents and children alike.

The answer: Escape the Room.

Players are locked in a room and must solve puzzles to “escape the room” in under an hour.

“All of this is working through puzzles and clues,” said Mark Kopelman, manager of the Midtown Escape the Room location. “(Players need) to try to find keys, locks and combinations to get out in 60 minutes or less.”

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Kopelman also remarked on how some corporations have used the puzzles in Escape the Room to evaluate potential employees.

“It’ll be people from Shell or Exxon or some of the school systems,” he said. “Managers come in here to watch how their interns react – who takes the leadership roles, who’s more left-brained, who’s more right-brained – and try to make decisions after that.”

Based on a popular smartphone game, Escape the Room calls upon players to work together locate hidden objects, solve puzzles and decipher clues that will lead them to their goal. Players can choose which “theme room” best fits their taste and skills. The space-themed “Mission Control” puts players in charge of the moon landing, while the spy-fi themed “The Agency” calls on players to complete a successful espionage mission.

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Players can purchase individual tickets and play the game with strangers, or book entire parties to play alongside each other. According to the company’s website, the games are made “for people of all ages and skill sets” and do not require “any special knowledge to solve the puzzles.”


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