Christmas 1992 gave us several timeless gems, including Home Alone 2Barbie Dream Houses and, in Houston, AstroWorld’s Holiday in the Park.

Thanks to one family’s home footae, featured at the end of this post, you can relive the park’s magical experience for Christmases to come.

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Watching the clip, which is just over 4 minutes long, is like stepping through a portal taking you back in time to before Houston’s favorite theme park closed and before we admitted our ugly Christmas sweaters are, well, ugly.

In the days before cell phone cameras, footage of family trips and laughable moments came few and far between, usually only possible if the family invested in a then-costly camcorder or video camera.

Perhaps in recognition of the rarity on his hands or looking to share the memories of one of Houston’s happiest places, Kenny Ryman shared his video clips from the 1992 AstroWorld Holiday in the Park to YouTube.

Ryman collected several AstroWorld moments uploaded to his page, including this throwback to the park’s “real” holiday snow:

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While you may not be able to enjoy another holiday at AstroWorld, you can take the family to Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo.

Happy Holidays, Houston!

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