Houston’s most popular neighborhoods for sex offenders reveals a chilling cluster

Lights for the buildings downtown can be seen as the sun sets Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008 in Houston. Houston, a fast-paced metropolis that churns on industries like oil, medical research, space technology and law, was dragged to a near halt by Hurricane Ike. But unlike its coastal suburbs, it was more inconvenienced than devastated. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

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Houston is a sprawling city, but certain neighborhoods are still hotspots for sex offenders.

Information about sex offenders is available on the Sex Offender Registry.

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“The information on the registry is provided to DPS by the local registering agencies, typically local sheriff’s offices and police departments. Sex offenders are required to register within seven days of moving to a new residence. Failure to do so is a felony offense,” Tom Vinger, a pubic information officer with the Texas Department of Public Safety, told the Houston Chronicle.

The city’s 987 registered sex offenders have to live somewhere, and one area of the city has collected more than their fair share. Out of the top 5 neighborhoods with the highest number of sex offenders, four are located in Houston’s 5th Ward.

A single location tipped the scales against the East Houston-5th Ward neighborhood with the highest number of offenders. Southeast Texas Transitional Center, located at 10950 Beaumont Highway, housed 57 sex offenders.

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Having trouble remembering which neighborhoods have the most offenders?

You can download the Texas DPS app for either iPhones or Androids. The agency offers up-to-date, interactive information regarding sex offenders and other public safety topics.

Here are the 25 Houston neighborhoods with the most sex offenders:

  1. 77078 (66 offenders, East Houston-5th Ward)
  2. 77026 (56 offenders, Kashmere Gardens in East Houston-5th Ward)
  3. 77028 (52 offenders, Trinity Houston Gardens in East Houston-5th Ward)
  4. 77020 (50 offenders, 5th Ward-East Houston)
  5. 77033 (45 offenders, Southpark-Southeast Houston)
  6. 77016 (41 offenders, 5th Ward)
  7. 77021 (35 offenders, Greater OST/South Union in South Houston)
  8. 77022 (26 offenders, Independence Heights in North Houston)
  9. 77093 (25 offenders, Eastex/Jensen, Woodsdale, Tasfield, Inwood Place, Lindale Farms, Lanewood Place, Lyncrest)
  10. 77099 (23 offenders, Alief, Huntington Village, Belknap Acres in Southwest Houston)
  11. 77088 (23 offenders, Acres Homes, Inwood Pines, Garden City Park, Kingmont in North Houston)
  12. 77009 (23 offenders, Near Northside)
  13. 77004 (21 offenders, Greater 3rd Ward and Part of Midtown)
  14. 77053 (19 offenders, Quail Village, Bluebonnet Acres, Beltway Business Park)
  15. 77051 (19 offenders, Sunnyside in South Houston)
  16. 77039 (17 offenders, Houston Place, Castlewood)
  17. 77044 (16 offenders, Summerwood)
  18. 77011 (16 offenders, Greater East End, Magnolia Park)
  19. 77091 (15 offenders, Greater Inwood in North Houston)
  20. 77072 (15 offenders, Alief in West Houston)
  21. 77023 (15 offenders, Gulfgate/Pine Valley, Lawndale/Wayside in lower East Houston)
  22. 77047 (14 offenders, Central Southwest)
  23. 77037 (14 offenders, Eversdale, Meadowview Land, Turner Place, Roos Acres, Caniking)
  24. 77017 (14 offenders, Meadowbrook Allendale in Southeast Houston)
  25. 77076 (12 offenders, Northline)

If your neighborhood is not on the list, you can search for it on the Sex Offender Registry.

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